Sasha - LUZoSCURA [3LP]

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Sasha introduces LUZoSCURA, a new compilation that has evolved from the thriving eponymous playlist. It features a diverse package of original works from a host of fresh talent like Rival Consoles, MJ Cole, BAILE, Just Her, QRTR, as well as Sasha himself. It traverses electronica, ambient, breaks and techno.

Heavyweight triple vinyl produced by Alkaane Records in 2021. Includes download card with access to all unmixed tracks and the continuous LUZoSCURA mix.


A1 Felsmann + Tiley - Yin/Yang
A2 Rival Consoles - Not Really
A3 QRTR - Forest Sprint
A4 BAILE - Gone

B1 Trypheme - Music For An Imaginary Fashion Publicity
B2 Dark Sky - Reserve Parachute
B3 DJ P - Power
B4 The Micronaut - Koelsa

C1 Enui - Us
 Cole - Maestro
C3 lau.ra - I’ll Wait
C4 Just Her & Nolan. Keisha Mair - Breathe You

D1 Jody Barr feat. Felicia Douglass - Accidental Lovers
D2 Cortese - Circles
D3 Sasha - HNDI

E1 Sasha & Franky Wah - I’ll Never Change
E2 Polymod - Cycles
E3 Nocow - Atent

F1 Because Of Art - Essence

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