Serena Ryder - The Art Of Falling Apart

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Canadian songwriter Serena Ryder is returns with her new album The Art of Falling Apart. The record features the singles "Better Now" and "Used To You". Serena Ryder is beloved across Canada for her soulful voice her Rock 'n' Roll heart .

The Art of Falling Apart was written and recorded over 10 days, and the tracklisting allows the listener to follow Serena's creative process in a truly linear sense. From beginning to end, they are with her. Each song was recorded the day it was written, featuring raw, unprocessed vocals. The album was written and recorded in Nashville by Ryder, Simon Wilcox, Gordie Sampson and Tawgs Salter, with mixing by Joe Zook.

Heavyweight vinyl produced by ArtHaus in 2021. Gatefold sleeve.


1. Candy
2. Waterfall
3. Thinking About You
4. Bus Stop
5. Kid Gloves
6. Better Now
7. All The Love
8. Differently
9. Used To You 
10. Back To Myself

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