Shame - Drunk Tank Pink (Deluxe Edition) [Red Vinyl]

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This expanded edition of Shame's 2021 album Drunk Tank Pink pulls back the curtain from the James Ford productions to reveal the entire album in an early demo form. The recordings are taken from the attic of bass player Josh Finerty's childhood home, where the band holed themselves up to commence writing. Paired with the fully formed album Drunk Tank Pink album, the demos album is a fascinating and intimate insight into how the critically acclaimed record came to be.

Limited Edition RED double vinyl produced by Dead Oceans in 2022.


1. Alphabet
2. Nigel Hitter
3. Born in Luton
4. March Day
5. Water in the Well
6. Snow Day
7. Human, for a Minute
8. Great Dog
9. Harsh Degrees
10. 6/1
11. Station Wagon
12. Alphabet (Demo)
13. Nigel Hitter (Demo)
14. Born in Luton (Demo)
15. March Day (Demo)
16. Water in the Well (Demo)
17. Snow Day (Demo)
18. Human, for a Minute (Demo)
19. Great Dog (Demo)
20. 6/1 (Demo)
21. Harsh Degrees (Demo)
22. Station Wagon (Demo)
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