Smerz - Believer

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On their 2021 debut album Believer, Smerz meld sonic touchstones from their youth, like musicals and classical music, with swirling, trance-indebted synth lines and hip-hop, highlighted with R&B vocals.

Smerz are the Nowegian duo of Henriette Motzfeldt and Catharina Stoltenberg. The duo, who produce, write, direct and conceptualize all their own work, carve out a space where it's not so impossible for dreams, both big and small, to grow in the midst of the systemic societal weeds that tangle up people's self-worth and confidence. With Believer, they formalize the boundless sonic world that started to emerge within each of their debut EP's and in their running NTS monthly residency.

Heavyweight vinyl produced by XL Recordings in 2021. Gatefold sleeve. Includes obi strip and insert with lyrics and liner notes.

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