Son House - Forever On My Mind (Exclusive Black / White Vinyl)

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Forever On My Mind features previously unreleased recordings from the legendary 'Father Of The Delta Blues' Son House. Restored to remarkable clarity by producer Dan Auerbach for Easy Eye Sound, these recordings represent the earliest recordings of House upon his return to the limelight after being away for over two decades.

These songs were recorded on Nov. 23, 1964, a performance Son House gave at Wabash College in Crawfordsville, Indiana. It was just five months later, the blues legend cut his seminal 1965 Columbia Records album, The Legendary Son House: Father of Folk Blues, which introduced him to a new, wider audience.

Forever on My Mind features new versions of seven songs Son House recorded during his time with Columbia - including a fresh rendition of "Preachin' Blues". "Forever On My Mind" was never officially recorded, and only existed as a part of Son House's live sets, like at the 1966 Newport Folk Festival.

Dan Auerbach recently told Rolling Stone he grew up devouring Son House's Columbia recordings and was stunned to hear the 1964 Wabash tape, which had long been in the possession of House's manager, Dick Waterman. "When I heard those Son House recordings, it was really emotional, honestly,' Auerbach says. 'Because I had such a deep connection to the songs, and to hear those old songs in a brand new light, to hear him singing so intimately, in such good form, sober, and the quality of the recording was so immaculate - I was just really overjoyed."

Exclusive BLACK / WHITE SPECKLED vinyl produced by in 2022. Remastered by Ryan Smith at Sterling Sound. Made in France.



  1. Forever On My Mind
  2. Preachin' Blues
  3. Empire State Express
  4. Death Letter


  1. The Way Mother Did
  2. Louise McGhee
  3. Pony Blues
  4. Levee Camp Moan
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