XTC - Skylarking (2018 Remaster)

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England's XTC emerged during the late '70s with an intellectual, high-vitality, alternative pop style. Often thought of as a thinking person's band, they met with much critical acclaim that gained them enormous popularity in the U.K. - while making them a cult favorite in the states. Their clever, off-center pop was surprisingly complex, addressing adult topics with a mixture of idealism, childlike wonder and skepticism.

Released in 1986 on Geffen, Skylarking is considered by many to be the band's strongest title. While tracks address coming-of-age issues such as marriage (Big Day), supporting a family (Earn Enough For Us) and God (Dear God), the performances are a blend of wisdom, wit and wonder.

Already known for strong production on their titles, XTC brought in Todd Rundgren as producer for Skylarking. The result was a sometimes fiery creative interaction between band and producer, that pushed the level of this record to a higher level, creating a unique, lightly psychedelic soundstage.

Heavyweight vinyl produced by Ape House in 2018. Remastered by John Dent at Loud Mastering. Supervised by Andy Partridge. Lacquers cut by Jasdaface.

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