Adrianne Lenker - Songs and Instrumentals


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Spread across two albums that function as one stunning piece of music, the Big Thief singer approaches familiar themes of loss, solitude, memory, and regret in some of the most vivid songwriting of her career.

When the beginning of the COVID-19 pandemic cut off folk-rock band Big Thief’s European tour, front woman Adrianne Lenker’s mind went to songwriting - a surprise to no one, considering she’s spent the past few years first emerging, then quickly establishing herself as one of music’s best and most prolific working writers.

So, as Lenker spent the first weeks of the pandemic living next to her sister in the Massachusetts mountains, she got an urge to document her time in songs. She invited her friend and audio engineer Phil Weinrobe out, and they built a makeshift studio. Then, they spent their days cooking on a wood-burning stove, bathing in a nearby creek, and writing and recording songs.

The products reflect that simplicity: one album called songs and another instrumentals. Dive into songs first and you’ll be rewarded with hushed folk missives that feel sometimes comforting, sometimes devastating, but always special. But it’s instrumentals that truly reflects the circumstances of her quarantine, where Lenker channels her isolation into something beautiful.

Heavyweight double vinyl pressed by 4AD. Gatefold sleeve.

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