Albert Hammond Jr. - Melodies On Hiatus (Splatter Vinyl)

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Pop/rock singer, songwriter, and guitarist Albert Hammond Jr. is the lead & rhythm guitarist and songwriting member of the band The Strokes.

He has released 4 solo albums to date, most recently the acclaimed Francis Trouble in 2018 which spawned the radio single Far Away Truths. Albert also began the songwriting process for his 5th solo album Melodies on Hiatus, a 19-track album, crafted in a most experimental style.

Albert teamed up with his writing partner, Canadian songwriter, and poet Simon Wilcox (whom he never met during the process) and had lengthy conversations via the telephone; Simon would jot down notes from Albert’s stream of consciousness, and draft the lyrics on her typewriter, and drop them into his letterbox! Albert then added the lyrics to the melodies he had already crafted. The songwriting process became a long distant “anonymous love affair of ideas & lyrics.” The album covers themes of childhood, surviving adolescence, adulthood, vulnerability, fame, relationship with self and others, and is Albert’s “deconstructed broken down ego reaction” to Francis Trouble.

The album cover art is a license of Wassily Kandinsky’s famous painting “Seven Circles.”

Limited SPLATTER EFFECT double vinyl produced by Red Bull Records in 2023.


1. 100-99 (FT. Goldlink)
2. Downtown Fred
3. Old Man
4. Darlin'
5. Thoughtful Distress (FT. Matt Helders ; Steve Stevens)
6. Libertude
7. Memo of Hate
8. Home Again
9. I Got You
10. Caught By Night
11. Dead Air
12. One Chance
13. Remember (FT. Rainsford)
14. 818
15. Fast Kitten
16. I'd Never Leave
17. Never Stop
18. False Alarm
19. Alright Tomorrow (FT. Rainsford)

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