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On Detroit Stories, Alice Cooper revisits the lore of the city where his band morphed into a snarling hard rock hit machine. In the early 1970s, Alice Cooper relocated with the band to the Motor City to participate in its anarchic and dangerous rock scene.

It was in Detroit that the group teamed up with Bob Ezrin to produce the classic albums Love It To Death and Killer, unleashing their shock-rock on the hordes of shiftless teenagers. 50 years don’t seem to have harmed the magic between Alice Cooper and Bob Ezrin. Not only do fans get to hear the typical Alice Cooper sound, it is the variety of influences that make this album unique. Hard rock, soul, funk and punk, everything is reflected in these 15 songs.

Detroit Stories is thoroughly dominated by revved-up garage rockers like "Go Man Go", "I Hate You" and a jumpy cover of MC5’s "Sister Anne". Another highlight is "Our Love Will Change The World", a polished and upbeat sing-a-long with scathing lyrics about the rise of cancel culture.

Heavyweight double vinyl produced by Ear Music in 2021. Gatefold sleeve.

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