Anamanaguchi / Joseph Trapanese - Scott Pilgrim Takes Off (Music From The Series) [Black & White Vinyl]


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Original score by chiptune rockers Anamanaguchi (artist releases, Scott Pilgrim video game, Capsule Silence XXIV) and Joseph Trapanese (OblivionStraight Outta ComptonNo One Will Save YouThe Greatest ShowmanSkull IslandThe WitcherThe MachineStar Wars: Tales from the Galaxy's EdgeStuber), with original songs by Anamanaguchi

Scott Pilgrim Takes Off is an anime streaming television series developed by Bryan Lee O'Malley and BenDavid Grabinski for Netflix. The series is based on the Scott Pilgrim graphic novels written and drawn by O'Malley, with the entire main cast from the 2010 film adaptation, Scott Pilgrim Vs The World, reprising their roles for the English voice cast, and serves as both a sequel and re-imagining of the graphic novel and film. The series was released on November 17, 2023 to critical acclaim.

Unlike the film adaptation, which largely told the same story as the comics, Takes Off features a completely separate plot, with the titular Scott Pilgrim disappearing in the first episode, and Ramona Flowers, his love interest, taking the center stage, as she tries to find out who among the cast was responsible for his disappearance, all whilst other characters within the story work on a fictional adaption of Scott's life.

Heavyweight double BLACK AND WHITE vinyl produced by Lakeshore Records in 2024.


  1. Bloom (Scott Pilgrim Takes Off Theme) - Necry Talkie
  2. Scott Pilgrim - Plumtree
  3. Breathless - X
  4. You Wouldn't Like Me - Tegan and Sara
  5. United States of Whatever - Liam Lynch
  6. If You Could Read My Mind - Stars On 54
  7. I Feel Fine Part 1 - Sex Bob-Omb
  8. Orange Shirt - Sex Bob-Omb
  9. I Will Remember You - Metric
  10. Sometimes Bad Guys Turn Into Great Guys - Scott Pilgrim
  11. Konya Wa Hurricane - Pop'n TwinBee
  12. Scott Pilgrim's Precious Little Overture - Original Scott Pilgrim Off-Broadway Orchestra
  13. Scott Pilgrim's Precious Little Musical - Original Scott Pilgrim Off-Broadway Cast
  14. I Feel Fine Part 2 - Sex Bob-Omb
  15. Techno Syndrome - Anamanaguchi
  16. Subspace
  17. Waiting for the DVD
  18. Meeting Ramona
  19. Date
  20. Ramona's Apartment
  21. Gonna Kill Him
  22. Fond Memories
  23. Detective Flowers
  24. Investigation Continues
  25. Knives & Kim
  26. Matthew Patel
  27. Messing with a CEO
  28. They Dated
  29. Roxie & Ramona Fight
  30. And They Were Roommates
  31. Blame It on the Goose
  32. Billionaire
  33. Paparazzi
  34. Lucas Memories
  35. Well Well Wells
  36. Character Assassination
  37. Goose's Origin
  38. Bad Guys
  39. The How
  40. The When
  41. Timewarp
  42. Virtual Boy Suite
  43. Yet Another Winter Again
  44. Future Psych
  45. Sorry
  46. Evil Exes Arrival
  47. Big Bad
  48. Backup Plan
  49. He's You
  50. Shoelaces (Trailer Version)
  51. Sonic 3
  52. God Only Knows
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