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The world looks a little different through rose gold sunglasses. At least, that’s what Ashley Monroe has found. Her spectacular new album, Rosegold, is her most joyous, blissed-out collection yet. Written and recorded over the past two years, the record finds the GRAMMY-nominated Nashville star pushing her sound in bold new directions, drawing on everything from Kanye West and Kid Cudi to Beck and The Beach Boys as she layers lush vocal harmonies atop dreamy, synthesized soundscapes and sensual, intoxicating beats.

Monroe worked with a variety of producers on the album, letting the tracks dictate her direction rather than any arbitrary adherence to genre or tradition, and the result is a record as daring as it is rewarding, an ecstatic, revelatory meditation on happiness and gratitude that tosses expectation to the wind as it celebrates our endless capacity to love, and to be loved, even in the midst of chaos and tragedy.

The album features the singles "Drive", "Til It Breaks" and "Groove".

This vinyl edition produced by Thirty Tigers in 2021.


A1 Siren  
A2 Silk  
A3 Gold  
A4 See  
A5 Drive  
B1 Flying  
B2 Groove  
B3 Til It Breaks  
B4 I Mean It  
B5 The New Me
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