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Barchords is the sophomore album from the musical pseudonym of Toronto-based singer/songwriter Afie Jurvanen AKA Bahamas. Bahamas' disarmingly forthright, captivatingly melodic songs have earned him both a devoted fan base and a significant amount of critical acclaim on both sides of the border.

On Barchords, the determined, down-to-earth tunesmith delivers a beautifully bittersweet, infectiously uplifting set whose insightful lyrics, rousing melodies and raw, intimate performances exude an organic warmth and a timeless sense of universality. Jurvanen's compositions are effortlessly accessible yet defy easy categorization, rewarding continued attention with multiple musical and emotional layers that reveal themselves with repeat listens.

Heavyweight vinyl produced by Brushfire Records in 2012. 


1. Lost In The Light
2. Caught Me Thinking
3. Montreal
4. Okay, Alright, I'm Alive
5. Never Again
6. Overjoyed
7. I Got You Babe
8. Any Other Way
9. Snowplow
10. Your Sweet Touch
11. Time and Time Again
12. Be My Witness

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