Bambara - Stray (Exclusive Clear Vinyl)

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The first thing that strikes you about Stray, Bambara's fourth album, will be it's pulverizing soundscape. By turns, vast, atmospheric, cool, broiling and, at times - on stand out tracks like "Sing Me To The Street" and "Serafina" - simply overwhelming. But Stray is not merely another, better entry in a catalog full of darkly thrilling, blistering experimental rock-via-punk. This album is a monumental step forward. Here Bambara finally sound like they've locked into what they were always destined to achieve, and the effect is nothing short of electrifying.

Heavyweight vinyl produced by Wharf Cat Records in 2020. Only 800 copies worldwide.


1. Miracle
2. Heat Lightning
3. Sing Me to the Street
4. Serafina
5. Death Croons
6. Stay Cruel
7. Ben ; Lily
8. Made for Me
9. Sweat 1
10. Machete
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