Begonia - Powder Blue (Colour Vinyl)


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Powder Blue is the second full-length album from Winnipeg's most soulful pop persona, Alexis Dirks, AKA, Begonia. Playing like the lovechild of both Feist and Adele, the album seamlessly weaves muted club beats; heart wrenching, reflective lyrics; and that voice. With musings on religion, body image, gender identity and sexuality, Power Blue manages to encompass Begonia’s legendary emotional depth, while wrapping the listener in a nostalgic lightheartedness. These are two sides the singer-songwriter has always tried to balance, and on Powder Blue she succeeds in spades. Featuring "Married By Elvis", & "Right Here".

Heavyweight IRIDESCENT WHITE RIPPLE BLUE VINYL produced by Birthday Cake Records in 2022.


1. Chasing Every Sunrise
2. Heaven
3. Married By Elvis
4. Right Here
5. I'm Not Dying
6. Marigold
7. Butterfly
8. Cold Night
9. Crying
10. Bleeding Heart
11. The Only One
12. NYE 2013

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