Bill Withers - Live at Carnegie Hall (Exclusive Yellow Vinyl)


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On par with the most treasured concert albums of the '60s and '70s, Bill Withers' transformative Live at Carnegie Hall is a forgotten classic—an easygoing portrait of a down-home soul artist coming into his own in front of an audience eager to share every moment of his brilliance. Soothing with subtlety, charming with calmness, and healing with a vocal timbre as relaxing as his grooves, Withers uses the stage to expand the range of favourites and engage in dialog with the crowd. 

"One more time?" Withers asks in response to a request for another stanza during "Use Me," and like the snap of fingers, his musicians are right back on cue, the crowd clapping along on every beat. This classic, as well as the instantly familiar "Ain't No Sunshine," poignant "Grandma's Hands," and all-time favourite "Lean On Me" are delivered with utmost soulfulness, passion, and electricity.

Exclusive CUSTARD YELLOW vinyl produced by Columbia Records in 2023 for the 'RSD Essentials' campaign.


1. Use Me
2. Friend of Mine
3. Ain't No Sunshine
4. Grandma's Hands
5. World Keeps Going Around
6. Let Me In Your Life
7. Better Off Dead
8. For My Friend
9. I Can't Write Left Handed
10. Lean On Me
11. Lonely Town Lonely Street
12. Hope She'll Be Happier
13. Let Us Love
14. Harlem/Cold Baloney

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