Bobby Bazini - Stone Of June EP (Record Store Day) [7" Vinyl]


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Record Store Day Canada is proud to offer the four track Stone Of June EP by Bobby Bazini. Conceived at the same time as Bobby Bazini's latest and celebrated album Pearl and produced by Connor Seidel during the same recording sessions along with the same roster of musicians including Conner Molander (Half Moon Run), Robbie Kuster (Patrick Watson), Eveline Rousseau (The Barr Brothers), Antoine Gratton and many more.

Just like the album, Stone Of June is part of the complete concept from the songs, to the music, to the artwork and photo and even the title. The Pearl being the birthstone of the month of June. Recorded in spring the front cover depicts Bobby looking out upon a sun soaked horizon as if looking to the future. The idea of making a 7" record instead of a classic 12" is to emphasize on the idea that it is the continuation of the previous album, that "small" extra gift from the artist to his fans that comes to complete the story.

Exclusive 7" vinyl produced by Spectre Musique in celebration of Record Store Day 2024. 


1. Maia

2. Green Morning

3. Hometown (Take me to)

4. Stone of June

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