Bran Van 3000 - Glee (20th Anniversary)


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It's hard to imagine 1998 producing a more restlessly inventive album than Glee, the indescribable debut full-length from Montreal's genre-surfing nine-member collective Bran Van 3000: From start to finish, it's a dizzying mish-mash of samples, beats, guests, sound effects, choruses, raps, riffs, exclamations, and interludes.

Frankly, it's amazing how many genres the album spans, oozing effortlessly from R&B ("Drinking In L.A.") to tuneful, new-wavey pop ("Problems") to rap ("Forest") to reggae ("Rainshine") to deadpan dance ("Exactly Like Me"), to mild singer/songwriter pop ("Everywhere") to country ("Supermodel") and beyond.

Heavyweight double vinyl produced by Audiogram / Sony Music in 2017. Remastered from the original analog sources. Gatefold sleeve.


1. Gimme Sheldon
2. Couch Surfer
3. Drinking in L.A.
4. Problems
5. Highway to Heck
6. Forest (Original Version)
7. Hardrockin' Cincinnati
8. Afrodiziak
9. Lucknow
10. Cum On Feel The Noise
11. Exactly Like Me
12. Everywhere
13. Ceci n'est pas une chanson
14. Willard
15. Supermodel
16. Oblonging
17. Mama Don't Smoke...
18. Forest (International Version)
19. Rainshine
20. Carry On
21. Une Chanson
22. Old School

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