Denzel Curry - Imperial

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Denzel Curry returned with his sophomore album Imperial in 2016. He comes through with some of his most introspective and savage tracks yet on this record. The album features the singles "Knotty Head", "ULT", "Gook" and "Zenith". The album features guest appearances from Rick Ross, Joey Bada$$, Twelve'len and Nell. At a mere 10 songs, it's void of filler, and it almost never lets up on the fury. It's the moment that Denzel Curry fully arrived.

This vinyl edition produced by Loma Vista Recordings in 2017.


Side A

1. ULT
2. Gook
3. Sick & Tired
4. Knotty Head
5. Me Now

Side B

1. Story: No Title
2. This Life
3. Zenith
4. Good Night
5. If Tomorrow's Not Here

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