Disney - The Muppet Christmas Carol (Picture Disc)


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'The Muppet Christmas Carol' celebrates it's 30th anniversary with a limited edition picture disc vinyl. Join the funny, heartwarming and wonderfully wacky cast of The Muppets and Michael Caine (Scrooge himself) for a retelling of the Dickens' tale.

A beautiful atmospheric score is interspersed with memorable singers including the Ghost of Christmas Present ('It Feels Like Christmas'), the cold-hearted Jacob and Robert Marley ('Marley & Marley'), and the harmonies of Tiny Tim and the Cratchit Family ('Bless Us All').

A highlight of this soundtrack is the broken-hearted ballad 'When Love Is Gone', performed by Scrooge's lost love, and even a bonus a version by the acclaimed artist Martina McBride. You and your loved ones will be singing along to classics like Kermit's 'One More Sleep 'til Christmas' or Scrooge's 'With a Grateful Heart' all holiday season! A delightful Christmas album that reminds us all of the importance of sharing kindness and compassion all year long.

30th Anniversary PICTURE DISC vinyl produced by Walt Disney Records in 2022. Cardboard die-cut sleeve.

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