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Rockferry is a perfect combination of pop and blue-eyed soul that works due to its creator’s sweet and subtle delivery. Naturally Duffy's success came at the same time as two other females voices out of the UK, Adele and Amy Winehouse who she was often compared to.  She was different from Amy Winehouse in that there was none of the turmoil and anguish swirling around her. It was just about the music and nothing else.

Duffy’s manager at the time, Jeanette Lee of the infamous Rough Trade Records, introduced her to Bernard Butler, former guitarist for Suede. The pair hit it off and began writing the songs for what would eventually become Rockferry. They created a sound that was part Northern Soul, part Burt Bacharach with a little Dusty Springfield tossed into the mix.

The breakthrough single “Mercy” was released almost a month before the album and received great critical acclaim. Subsequent singles “Warwick Avenue”, “Stepping Stone” and “Rain on Your Parade” helped cement Rockferry’s status as one the best releases of 2008.


Welsh songbird, Duffy, came to the attention of Rough Trade Management in 2004. they pointed her in the direction of guitarist/producer Bernard Butler (Suede/The Tears/McAlmont & Butler). Duffy spent the next couple years honing and developing her songwriting skills all the while discovering hidden musical gems that inspired her. The fruits of her intense labor is this magnificent album, a masterclass in mature, resonant Pop! The first single "Mercy" was a worldwide smash.

Heavyweight vinyl pressed by Mercury Records.

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