Elder - Reflections of a Floating World


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Few bands are as adept at taking listeners on a journey through sprawling soundscapes as ElderThough they may have began as a simple stoner metal band, they have become one of heavy music's most creative, artistic and affecting trios, painting rich sonic canvases and effortlessly crafting timeless songs that traverse various genres and styles. 

It's arguable that the band's last two albums, Dead Roots Stirring and Lore are two of the best progressive doom albums this side of the century; both feature riffs, melodies and masterful songcraft that showcase a band clearly doing something new and different in a genre that's become quite sterile as of late. It's hard to imagine how Eldercould even top an album like Lore, but rest assured, their magnum opus – up to this point in their career, at least – comes in the form of Reflections of a Floating World.

Heavyweight double vinyl produced by Armagedden Records in 2017. Embossed gatefold sleeve.

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