English Beat - Wha'ppen? (Expanded Edition) [Record Store Day]


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Wha'ppen is the second of The English Beat's three albums to be expanded to include two sides of non-LP tracks and B-sides. Wha'ppen reflects the band's signature melange of musical styles and influences, shifting from a heavy reggae/ska/punk sound to a more eclectic sound that included African, steel drum, and dub influences for a wholly original sound. Their socially conscious and politically-oriented lyrics remain as relevant today as in the context of the album's original release during the 1981 riots in England. It features the hits "Too Nice to Talk To", "Doors of Your Heart," "All Out to Get You", "Drowning", and "Hit It" as well as bonus tracks.

Exclusive double vinyl produced by Rhino Records in celebration of Record Store Day 2024. Only 4900 copies worldwide.


1. Too Nice to Talk
2. Doors of Your Heart
3. All Out to Get You
4. Monkey Murders
5. I Am Your Flag
6. French Toast (Soleil Trop Chaud)
7. Drowning
8. Dream House in NZ
9. Walk Away
10. Over and Over
11. Cheated
12. Get-A-Job
13. The Limits We Set
14. Psychedelic Rockers
15. Hit It
16.  Which Side of the Bed?


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