Enigma - Love, Sensuality, Devotion (Greatest Hits)

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LSD: Love, Sensuality and Devotion gathers over a decade's worth of Enigma's definitive tracks, including "Sadness, Pt. 1", "Return to Innocence", "Beyond the Invisible" and "Cross of Changes". Michael Cretu’s complex spherical music paired with meditative beats and fascinating vocal samples, broke new ground for electronic music and catapulted the German producer to more than 60 #1 chart positions worldwide.

Heavyweight double vinyl produced by Polydor UK in 2021. Die-cut Gatefold sleeve features artwork from longtime Enigma art director Dirk Rudolph.


1 The Landing  
2 Turn Around  
3 Gravity Of Love  
4 T.N.T. For The Brain  
5 Modern Crusaders  
6 Shadows In Silence  
7 Return To Innocence  
8 I Love You... I'll Kill You  
9 Principles Of Lust  
10 Sadeness (Part I)  
11 Silence Must Be Heard  
12 Smell Of Desire  
13 Mea Culpa  
14 Push The Limits  
15 Beyond The Invisible  
16 Age Of Loneliness  
17 Morphing Thru Time  
18 The Cross Of Changes


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