G. Love & Special Sauce - G. Love & Special Sauce (Record Store Day) [Blue Vinyl]


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Celebrate the 30th Anniversary of the debut album from G. Love & Special Sauce. The track "Cold Beverage" became a staple of North-West college radio upon its release in 1994. Hailing from Philadelphia, their sound incorporates flavours of rock, hip-hop, blues and soul. For Record Store Day, the album is getting a deluxe 30th anniversary reissue that includes the full newly remastered album a fourth side of rare tracks.

Exclusive LIGHT BLUE marbled vinyl produced by Epic / Legacy Records in celebration of Record Store Day 2024. Only 3500 copies worldwide.


  1. The Things That I Used to Do
  2. Blues Music
  3. Garbage Man
  4. Eyes Have Miles
  5. Baby's Got Sauce
  6. Rhyme for the Summertime 
  7. Cold Beverage
  8. Fatman
  9. This Ain't Living
  10. Walk to Slide
  11. Shooting Hoops (with Mou Akoon)
  12. Some Peoples Like That 
  13. Town to Town
  14. I Love You

*Fourth side tracks TBA*

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