Hamilton Leithauser - The Loves Of Your Life

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The former Walkmen member wrote each of these songs about a specific person, forming an archive of memories that comes alive in his elevated songcraft and dynamic voice.

Leithauser's recording process likewise embraced community. Alongside pros like pianist Jon Batiste and pedal steel player Jonathan Gregg, you'll find Leithauser's wife Anna Stumpf, their daughters Georgiana and Frederika, and the girls' former preschool teacher, Lacrisha Brown, all credited for backing vocals. Leithauser layers their voices expertly throughout the record, in melodies that breeze around the songs and occasionally build into a full-bodied choir. He plays tricks with his own vocals as well, burying muted harmonies and delayed echoes around the edges of the mix.

Heavyweight vinyl pressed by Glassnote Records. Gatefold sleeve.

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