Ibibio Sound Machine - Pull the Rope (Exclusive Colour Vinyl)


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Pull The Rope, the new record by Ibibio Sound Machine, casts the Eno Williams and Max Grunhard-led outfit in a new light. The hope, joy, and sexiness of their music remains, but, further honing the edge of their acclaimed 2022 album Electricity, the connection they aim to foster has shifted venues from the sunny buoyancy of a sunlit festival to a sweat-soaked, all-night dance club. The atmosphere has changed, but you’re still having the time of your life. Features the single "Got To Be Who U Are."

Exclusive RED, BLACK & BLUE MARBLED vinyl produced by Merge Records in 2024.


  1. Pull the Rope
  2. Got to Be Who U Are
  3. Fire
  4. Them Say
  5. Political Incorrect
  6. Mama Say
  7. Let My Yes Be Yes
  8. Touch the Ceiling
  9. Far Away
  10. Dance in the Rain
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