Jeff Tweedy - Love Is The King / Live Is The King [White Marble Vinyl]

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Love Is The King / Live Is The King, is an expanded package features the acclaimed 2020 album Love Is The King (11 Tweedy-penned and performed songs with sons Spencer and Sammy Tweedy on drums and vocals) plus a bonus disc with live versions of all 11 songs played by Jeff with a full band.

These live versions were recorded at The Loft (Wilco's studio) and Chicago's Constellation club in January 2021. The band features Jeff, Sammy and Spencer Tweedy, Liam Kazar, James Elkington and Sima Cunningham. The live set closes with a cover version of Neil Young's classic "The Old Country Waltz".

Heavyweight WHITE MARBLED double vinyl produced by dBpm Records in 2022. Deluxe gatefold sleeve.


  • LP 1: Love Is the King - Original Album
  • LP 2: Live Is the King - Original Album Played Live with Full Band
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