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Beginning and ending on the same note, Singularity travels a broad circuit, exploring the connectivity of the mind, sonics and the natural world.

Singularity is the proper follow-up to Jon Hopkins' 2013 breakthrough album Immunity, a spellbinding album of highly intricate, glitchy techno which nevertheless felt organic, and even classical at times. Like that album, Singularity is filled with frayed feedback, skillfully crafted beats, and gentle piano melodies, as well as the occasional breathy vocals.

This time out, there seems to be an extra shot of adrenaline added, and the album seems to reflect a deeper spiritual quest, both inwards and outwards. Hopkins still writes lengthy tracks which steadily build, but these are more suspenseful, and there's a greater impact when a heavier beat drops or a more transcendent synth tone emerges during the second half of cuts like "Singularity" and "Neon Pattern Drum".

Heavyweight double vinyl produced by Domino Recording Co. in 2018. Includes download card.

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