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Jurassic 5 flexed serious old-to-the-new muscles in the 90s, beginning with their independently released single Unified Rebelution in 1994, and book-ending with their stellar debut full-length: 2000s Quality Control. They walked a tightrope between underground and mainstream hip-hop, and toured alongside rap peers as well as punk rockers. 

From singles like the strutting groove of the title track to the throwback doo-wop samples on The Influence and the catchy, keyboard groove-driven World of Entertainment (WOE Is Me), to deeper album tracks like the lyrical gymnastics of Jurass Finish First and the thought-provoking Lausd, Jurassic 5 consistently stepped to the plate and their fans responded in kind, nearly pushing the album to Gold status. Add the innovative DJ-and-sample workout which closes out the album, Swing Set, and you have one of the 2000s most unique and solid full-length platters.

Double vinyl produced by Get On Down.


1. How We Get Along
2. The Influence
3. Great Expectations
4. Quality (Intro)
5. Quality Control
6. Contact
7. Lausd
8. World Of Entertainment (Woe Is Me)
9. Monkey Bars
10. Jurass Finish First
11. Contribution
12. Twelve
13. The Game
14. Improvise
15. Swing Set

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