Kaitlin Butts - Roadrunner! (Bang Bang Red Vinyl)


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A truly one-of-a-kind artist, Kaitlin Butts has a deep affinity for country music’s more theatrical side: the extravagant storytelling, dazzling showmanship, songs embedded with both unbridled emotion and quick-fire humor.

After discovering her passion for performing as a little girl, the Tulsa native later brought her boundless energy and radiant voice to her own unapologetic yet soulful songwriting. When it came time to create her third album, the Nashville-based musician leaned into her lifelong love of musical theater and dreamed up a modern-day reimagining of the soundtrack to her all-time favorite musical, Rodgers and Hammerstein’s Oklahoma! The result: a high-concept but candidly autobiographical LP called Roadrunner!, whose 17 powerhouse songs show the full force and extraordinary depth of Butts’ artistry for the very first time.

Limited Edition BANG BANG RED vinyl produced by Kaitlin Butts LLC. in 2024.


1. Overture: My New Life Starts Today
2. Roadrunner
3. Other Girls
4. Wild Juanita's Cactus Juice
5. Soliloquy: Out Of My Dreams
6. Come Rest Your Head (On My Pillow) [ft. Vince Gill]
7. People Will Say We're In Love
8. Buckaroo
9. That'll Never Be Me
10. Spur
11. If I Can't Have You
12. Bang, Bang (Poor Jud Is Dead)
13. You Ain't Gotta Die (To Be Dead To Me)
14. Like I Should
15. Hunt You Down
16. Followed You To Vegas
17. Elsa
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