Karan Aujla - Making Memories (Orchid Vinyl)

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Trailblazing Punjabi lyricist, rapper and singer Karan Aujla made history with his album Making Memories as the highest charting Punjabi album debut ever on the Billboard Canadian Albums Chart in 2023. Highlights include the singles “Admirin’ You” and “Softly”. In 2024 he won the TikTok Juno Fan Choice Award.

Karan Aujla was born and raised in the village of Ghurala in Northern Punjab amidst the rural and farm lifestyle. At a young age, both of Aujla’s parents passed away and creating rhymes and writing was a pacifier and escape for Karan. When he discovered Punjabi folk music after his parent’s death, he was ultimately inspired to delve into the world of songwriting and realized that he had a unique talent with the pen.

Limited Edition ORCHID vinyl produced by Warner Music Canada in 2023


1. Girl, I Love You (Euro’s Intro)
2. What…?
3. Admirin’ You (feat. Preston Pablo)
4. Jee Ni Lagda
5. Try Me
6. Champion’s Anthem
7. Softly
8. You
9. Bachke Bachke

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