King Crimson - Beat (Steve Wilson/Fripp remix) [40th Anniversary]

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Released on CD as part of King Crimson’s 40th anniversary series, the Steven Wilson & Robert Fripp remixes of the 1980s trilogy of albums ‘Discipline’, ‘Beat’ and ‘Three Of A Perfect Pair’ have long been over-due on vinyl. Seven years after King Crimson had ‘ceased to exist’, King Crimson’s reinvention as a new quartet consisting of Robert Fripp, Bill Bruford, Adrian Belew and Tony Levin brought about a surprising new era, which delighted fans old and new. Stylistically very different from the King Crimson of the 1970s, this new line-up incorporated rock with electronica, funk, pure pop, modern avant-garde, and a complex variety of musical textures and influences.

200 gram super-heavyweight vinyl edition of the 40th anniversary stereo mixes by Steven Wilson and Robert Fripp. 


Side One:
1. Neal And Jack And Me
2. Heartbeat
3. Sartori In Tangier
4. Waiting Man
Side Two:
1. Neurotica
2. Two Hands
3. The Howler
4. Requiem

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