King Crimson - Red (2013 Remaster)


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Red, the final Crimson album of the 70s, finds the band disintegrating presumably beyond repair this time. Yet, in the midst of the meltdown, it's surprisingly their hardest-hitting, most cohesive album they released up to this point.

King Crimson fell apart once more, seemingly for the last time, as David Cross walked away during the making of this album Red. It became Robert Fripp's last thoughts on this version of the band, a bit noiser overall but with some surprising sounds featured, mostly out of the group's past. Mel Collins' and Ian McDonald's saxes, Marc Charig's cornet, and Robin Miller's oboe, thus providing a glimpse of what the 1972-era King Crimson might've sounded like handling the later group's repertory (which nearly happened).

Original stereo mix of the 1974 classic album. Newly cut from masters approved by Robert Fripp.

Newly cut from analog masters approved by Robert Fripp. 200g super heavyweight vinyl pressed by Panegyric Records.

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