Kurt Vile - B'Lieve I'm Going Down


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B'Lieve I'm Going Down is Kurt Vile’s sixth album, and it shows Kurt both deeply introspective and briskly self-assured. In addition to his usual full-band and solo guitar tracks, the project includes songs written on piano and banjo. The essential quality of his music is no different, but the banjo picking draws out a bit of folkiness, and piano shifts things slightly from capital-R Rock to singer-songwriter territory. Over the years Kurt's music has grown steadily funnier, and his lyrics have grown more sophisticated. The album features the singles "Pretty Pimpin", "Life Like This" and "I'm an Outlaw".

Awarded 'Best New Album' by the editors of Pitchfork, September 2015.

Heavyweight double vinyl produced by Matador Records in 2015.


1. Pretty Pimpin
2. I’m an Outlaw
3. Dust Bunnies
4. That’s Life, Tho (Almost Hate To Say)
5. Wheelhouse
6. Life Like This
7. All in a Daze Work
8. Lost my Head there
9. Stand Inside
10. Bad Omens
11. Kidding Around
12. Wild Imagination

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