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Le Tigre is the self-titled debut album from the 90's riot grrrl trio Le Tigre. The band constructed songs using inexpensive electronic equipment. They explained that they chose equipment with which they were unfamiliar to show "girl-punk scorn for that particular strain of male expertise associated with electronic music."

The album incorporates the band's political beliefs "to make something that's totally pleasurable and political too." Le Tigre is packed with acerbic wit and referential wordplay. "What's Yr Take On Cassavetes" launches into a shouted debate about the merits of the film director John Cassavetes  ("Misogynist?/Genius?"); "Hot Topic" namedrops dozens of feminist icons; and "My My Metrocard" attacks the controversial policies of New York City mayor Rudy Giuliani ("He's such/A fucking jerk/Shut down/All the strip bars/Workfare/Doesn't work"). 

Heavyweight vinyl produced by Wiiija Records in 2015.


  1. Deceptacon
  2. Hot Topic
  3. Whats Yr Take On Cassavetes?
  4. The The Empty
  5. Phanta
  6. Eau D'Bedroom Dancing
  7. Let's Run
  8. My My Metrocard
  9. Friendship Station
  10. Slideshow At Free University
  11. Dude. Yr So Crazy!
  12. Les and Ray
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