Led Zeppelin - I (Deluxe Edition)


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Since no alternate versions exist of Led Zeppelin's hastily assembled 1969 debut, Jimmy Page dug up a full French concert recorded that year for the companion audio for Led Zeppelin I: Deluxe Edition. Hard-core fans may have had it on bootleg for years, but this take gives it a fresh sheen.

Highlights from the show include:

- "Communication Breakdown": The first speed metal song in history gets a ruthless run-through here, enlivened by a freshly manic solo.

- "I Can't Quit You Baby": This take comes laced with especially grinding, mocking runs from Page.

- "Heartbreaker": Recorded just twelve days before its studio incarnation came out, this version has even more speed and freedom than the one we all know and love. Page's solo has a new frenzy, goosed by John Paul Jones' spidery bass lines coiling below.

- "Dazed and Confused": A 15-minute stunner, this run at the classic captures Page right when he hit on the technique of pulling a violin bow across his guitar strings. It's an extra-spooky interpretation, capturing the greatest gift Zep brought to the blues — a sense of abstraction.

- "White Summer/Black Mountain Side": At nine minutes, it's a much longer, more astringent and inventive run at Page's classic rewrite of Bert Jansche's interpretation of the folk standard. Both the physical agility, and the amped-up eastern-influence, in the guitar fingerings will stun you.

- "You Shook Me": A nice harmonica solo, and some choice vocal scatting, from Plant balloons this blues into the nether reaches of psychedelia.

Jimmy Page spent years on this project with one goal in mind: Making these reissues the end-all-be-all definitive editions of his iconic band's records. He has succeeded, and then some. In addition to the reference-caliber audio, each LP features packaging that fully replicates the look of the first pressing of the original album.

Heavyweight triple vinyl produced by Atlantic Records in 2014. Tri-fold sleeve.


LP 1 - Side 1:
1. Good Times Bad Times
2. Babe I’m Gonna Leave You
3. You Shook Me
4. Dazed And Confused
LP 1 - Side 2:
1. Your Time Is Gonna Come
2. Black Mountain Side
3. Communication Breakdown
4. I Can’t Quit You Baby
5. How Many More Times

Companion Audio Disc - Live at The Olympia - Paris, France, October 10, 1969
LP 2 - Side 1:

1. Good Times Bad Times / Communications Breakdown
2. You Shook Me
LP 2 - Side 2:
1. Heartbreaker
2. Dazed and Confused

LP 3 - Side 1:
1. White Summer / Black Mountain Side
2. Moby Dick
LP 3 - Side 2:
1. I Can't Quit You Baby
2. How Many More Times

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