Lil Skies - Life Of A Dark Rose


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Life Of A Dark Rose, the debut album from Lil Skies includes the singles “Lust” and “Signs of Jealousy", plus “Nowadays” and “Red Roses", both of which feature Maryland-based rapper, Landon Cube.

On “Welcome to the Rodeo,” the elastic intro to Life Of A Dark Rose, Lil Skies proclaims that he’d tattooed his face to keep himself committed to music. The Pennsylvania native’s faith paid off before he was old enough to drink his single “Red Roses” was one of 2017's biggest underdog success stories. That song, while melodic and ethereal, betrays the impressive lyrical precision that Skies packs into much of Life Of A Dark Rose. He's a dynamic vocalist and wordsmith, just as prepared to ride the emo guitar line of “Cloudy Skies” as he is to rattle off complex couplets over spacey chimes on “Signs of Jealousy".

Heavyweight vinyl produced by Atlantic Records in 2022.

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