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M83 was formed as a musical vehicle by French electronic/dream pop artist Anthony Gonzalez in 2001. Gonzalez has released six albums under the M83 moniker to date.

Recorded in 2000, M83's self-titled debut was issued by the French label Gooom in 2001 and reissued by Mute Records in 2005. M83 introduces the group as its original two-piece consisting of Anthony Gonzalez and Nicolas Fromageau, the latter of which left the group following the recording of second album, Dead Cities, Red Seas & Lost Ghosts in 2002.

Co-produced by Morgan Daguenet, the largely instrumental album is interspersed with film and television dialogue samples throughout and foreshadowing Gonzalez's subsequent soundtrack work, M83 also follows a conceptual narrative with the album's 14-tracks telling a short story when read sequentially.

Heavyweight double vinyl produced by Mute Records. Includes download card.


1.  Last Saturday                 
2.  Night            
3.  At the Party                 
4.  Kelly            
5.  Sitting                 
6.  Facing That                 
7.  Violet Tree                 
8.  Staring at Me                 
9.  I'm Getting Closer                 
10.  She Stands Up                 
11.  Carresses            
12.  Slowly                 
13.  My Face                 
14.  I'm Happy, She Said 
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