Maggie Rogers - Notes From the Archives (2011 to 2016) [Marigold Vinyl]


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Celebrated singer / songwriter Maggie Rogers releases a special collection of archival music: Notes From The Archives: Recordings 2011-2016. The 16 track collection features newly remastered versions of tracks from Maggie's early albums and six previously unreleased songs. This compilation honours her past and traces her growth as an artist.

'Beginning in 2016 with an indie rock EP, the record starts off on an ethereal, hazy, guitar-heavy note. This EP was created simultaneously with Now That the Light Is Fading, her 2016 indie-pop project that would feature “Alaska”, her breakthrough single that has resonated with fans the world over. Her versatility is on full display in this portion of the album, proving Rogers can make dreamy rock just as well as electronic pop.

Maggie's 2014 self-released folk record Blood Ballet is where part two of this collection begins. On this project her vocals and lyrical style are step into the spotlight. While part three of this compilation may be the shortest, it's definitely the most fun to listen to. It was recorded during her college days at NYU. There's something so organic in how Rogers immerses the listener in her process of writing songs in a tiny dorm room.

By the time the end of the compilation is reached, Rogers is at the earliest point in her creative past. Though written and recorded in high school, her self-released debut The Echo is still a confident body of work. Notes From the Archive: Recordings 2011-2016 is a testament to Rogers’s reverence for artistry and pays necessary tribute to a past which informs her future.' - Paige Hillman 

Heavyweight MARIGOLD double vinyl produced by Caroline Records in 2021.


Side A:
1. Celadon & Gold
2. Together
3. Steady Now
4. One More Afternoon

Side B:
1. Blood Ballet
2. Resonant Body
3. Symmetry
4. Little Joys

Side C:
1. On The Page
2. James
3. (Does It Feel Slow?)
4. New Song

Side D:
1. Anybody
2. Kids Like Us
3. Wolves
4. Satellite

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