Marvin Gaye - I Want You

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I Want You is a 1976 album by Marvin Gaye. The album was his first recorded studio material released in three years and marked a change in direction for Gaye, leaving his trademark Motown soul for funky, light-disco soul. Much of Gaye's music encompassed spirituality, sexuality, and vulnerability. With a career spanning over more than a decade, it's no wonder that many of today's artists continue to honour and emulate Gaye. Although no longer a physical presence, his existence as an artist is one that is sure to be a vital part of the millennium and beyond.

'Like no other record before or since, I Want You captures the distilled feeling and aesthetics of black sensuality, sex, and simmering erotic desire right down to the seductive cover art by the late great Ernie Barnes. With its ambient soundscapes, yearning melodies, experimental tempos, elegant chord changes, and haunting lyrics, the album is the sexiest rhythm and blues record ever made." - Pitchfork

Heavyweight vinyl produced by Motown Records.

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