Moist - Creature

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Moist burst onto the scene at the height of the mid-90s power rock surge, balancing soft moments with righteous explosions of noise and weighty lyrics. For 1996's Creature, the follow-up to the band's wildly successful Silver album, Moist checked into Quebec's posh Studio Morin Heights with Rush/I Mother Earth producer Paul Northfield. The result was a much larger-sounding record but one still built around the trademark Moist mix of hard-rocking pop songs and slow-burning ballads. As ever, the most interesting and powerful element is the soaring vocals of singer David Usher.

The album spawned several Canadian rock radio hits like "Leave It Alone", "Resurrection", "Tangerine", and "Gasoline".

Heavyweight vinyl produced by MusicVaultz in partnership with Universal Music Canada. Remastered in 2019 for this first ever vinyl edition.

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