Nick Drake - Five Leaves Left

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Nick Drake released his debut album 'Five Leaves Left' in 1970. It was recorded while Drake was still a student at Cambridge University. As a singer, Drake displays self-assurance far beyond his years, combining folk influences with jazz-tinged phrasing. Highlights include such tracks as "Way to Blue", "River Man" and "Saturday Sun" capture longing and loss in moody watercolor tones. "Time Has Told Me" and "Thoughts of Mary Jane" are evocative love songs, while "Fruit Tree" ponders the price of fame. 

The haunting songs of Nick Drake continue to fascinate fans worldwide over 30 years after his untimely death. Beneath his music's delicately melodic surface are depths of emotion and insight few singer-songwriters have approached.

Heavyweight vinyl produced by Island Records. Faithfully replicated artwork of the original 1970 gatefold release.

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