Nirvana - MTV Unplugged In New York (25th Anniversary)

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In the fall of 1994, after the shock and grief among fans, fellow artists, and the music media over the death of Kurt Cobain had settled, news about plans for the first posthumous Nirvana release started to trickle out.

At one point early on, word was that it would be some kind of double album, and the MTV Unplugged performance would only be part or half of it. Effectively what could have been the first half of that rumored-but-never-released compilation eventually morphed into the live album From the Muddy Banks of the Wishkah a couple years later, while Unplugged was given its own stand-alone release that November. Given the album's role in the band's legacy, it is hard to imagine that this had not been the plan all along.

The fourth side of this double vinyl 25th Anniversary reissue features rehearsals previously only available on the DVD. Not only do they let the listener in on the group's pre-show bantering, the rough nature of these run-throughs makes for an enlightening contrast with the near-perfection of what they pulled off in front of the audience. The photography on this reissue is also brighter and sharper than that on the sleeve of the existing single disc vinyl edition. It's a completist-worthy update to an album no Nirvana fan's shelf is complete without.

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