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The Brothers Gallagher ended their 20-year career with 2008's "Dig Out Your Soul." The eighth and final Oasis record featured the singles 'The Shock of the Lightning,' 'I'm Outta Time,' and 'Falling Down.'

For the recording of Dig Out Your Soul, Oasis reunited with Don't Believe the Truth producer Dave Sardy at Abbey Road Studios in Westminster. There was a brief period of confusion in which it seemed that Oasis would have had to forgo recording at Abbey Road due to U2 having reserved the recording areas that Oasis wished to use far in advance. The issue was resolved when Noel bought U2's spot in cash without the band's knowledge; this was possible due to the fact that the studios gave preference to cash payments over credit, which U2 had been booked with. Zak Starkey was made an official member during the sessions.

Heavyweight double vinyl produced by Big Brother Recordings in 2018. Gatefold sleeve.

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