Pixies - Surfer Rosa

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Before the Breeders and Frank Black, there was this Boston quartet, playing hardcore's rush and terseness against the acoustic grit and the minor-key flourish of Latin pop. Their first full-length album Surfer Rosa, is their starkest, harsh and trebly, with the drums right in your face, and songs edited to eliminate any note that's not absolutely necessary.

Vocalist Black Francis yelping away about destroyed bodies and the river Euphrates, alternately acting cryptic and crazed. Kim Deal, then calling herself "Mrs. John Murphy," contributes her talents to "Gigantic," which may be one of the most recognized rock anthems ever, heralding the end of music as we knew it. "Bone Machine’", "Broken Face", "Vamos’, and "Where Is My Mind" round out this must-have for any music lover’s collection.

Heavyweight vinyl produced by 4AD in 2004.

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