Rufus Du Sol - Surrender (Red Vinyl)


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Grammy-nominated live-electronic trio RÜFÜS DU SOL return with their fourth full length album, Surrender, which includes the hit singles "Alive", "Next To Me" and "On My Knees". Surrender sees RÜFÜS stridently building their own world; an album written on their own terms.

The band’s electronic roots offer a proud point of separation from other stadium-selling live artists, even as they write songs and play to crowds that break the traditional glass ceiling for dance acts. RÜFÜS DU SOL is a band synonymous with tension, they came together through the push and pull of the dancefloor, have a live act whose passion lies on the dance floor, and lyricists who spill their personal pain for thousands to dance to.

Limited Edition RED vinyl produced by Reprise Records in 2022.


1. Next To Me
2. Make It Happen
3. See You Again
4. I Don’t Wanna Leave
5. Alive
6. Alive (Reprise)
7. On My Knees
8. Wildfire
9. Surrender (feat. Curtis Harding)
10. Devotion
11. Always

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