RUN D.M.C. - King of Rock (Red Vinyl)

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RUN D.M.C.'s self-titled 1984 debut pushed the doors of pop music open, showing that hip-hop was not the fad that haters had prophesized. As they proved decisively on RUN D.M.C., rap was a legit art form, fully capable of producing long-players full of no-fast-forward cuts.

By 1985, any doubters were running on fumes, as the groups King Of Rock blew the aforementioned pop doors off their hinges. Emboldened by their success; energized by worldwide touring and accolades; and given all the support they could want by a genius producer (Larry Smith), an open-minded label and a charismatic manager (Russell Simmons), RUN D.M.C. ruled the charts and hinted at even greater things to come.

The albums most fondly-remembered single set the albums tone perfectly: "King Of Rock" was hard, full of charisma and tag-team vocal finesse, and had enough guitars to bring the suburbs into the rap fold. The song's video was equally popular and powerful, and the pioneering MTV exposure drove the group into a new stratosphere.

There was much more to King Of Rock than the title track, including "Can You Rock It Like This" and "You're Blind" – as well as the additional singles "Jam-Master Jammin'" and "You Talk Too Much".

Heavyweight RED vinyl produced by Get On Down Records in 2019. Remastered by Herb Powers Jr. at Frankford/Wayne Mastering Labs NYC.

  • Unable to confirm colour variant due to lack of information provided on the hype label, however this release aligns with the edition featured here.
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