Run The Jewels - RTJ1 (Exclusive Orange Vinyl)


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Run the Jewels, the preeminent collaboration between veteran rhyme-slayers El-P and Killer Mike, have gone from a whim-driven underground rap project to a worldwide sensation since the release of their 2013 debut record Run The Jewels.

Mixing the industrial grime of New York City with the vibrant bounce of the dirty South, they forge hip-hop's future while adhering to the core tenets of it's bedrock: gymnastic displays of skills, incendiary political rhetoric, merciless braggadocio, battle-honed assholery, R-rated punchlines and a back-and-forth that brings the interplay of the shell-toe Adidas era screaming into our contemporary nightmare.

Tearing up the music industry rulebook, their self-titled 2013 debut was originally released through a series of website-crashing free album downloads. Highlights include the singles "Get It", "Twin Hype Back" (featuring Prince Paul) and "Banana Clipper"(featuring Outkast's Big Boi).

Exclusive ORANGE vinyl produced by Seeker Records in 2022 for the 'RSD Essentials' campaign. Includes double sided 24"x12" folded insert. US Import.

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