Rush - ICON: Greatest Hits (Clear Vinyl)

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Rush ICON celebrates the band's legendary career with this collection of greatest hits taken from Rush's first eleven studio albums. It features eleven hit singles including "Working Man" off their 1974 debut Rush, the title track of 1975's Fly By Night, "Closer To The Heart" from 1977's A Farewell To Kings, "Freewill" from 1980's Permanent Waves, the massive hit "Tom Sawyer" from 1981's quadruple platinum-selling album Moving Pictures and "Red Sector A" from their 1984 release Grace Under Pressure.

This collection of iconic recordings from Rock and Roll Hall of Fame inductees Rush was originally released in 2010 on CD only. This is edition only marks the second time it's been available on vinyl.

Limited Edition CLEAR TRANSLUCENT vinyl produced by Anthem Records in 2021.


Side A

1.       Working Man
2.       Fly By Night
3.       The Twilight Zone
4.       Closer To The Heart
5.       Circumstances
6.       Freewill

Side B

7.       Tom Sawyer
8.       The Analog Kid
9.       Red Sector A
10.       Marathon
11.       Force Ten

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