Serpentwithfeet - Soil (Exclusive Yellow Vinyl)

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Born Josiah Wise, the experimental soul artist now known as serpentwithfeet glided into 2016 with a humble EP called blisters, 5 tracks of remarkably delicate soul amplified by Wise’s distinctive trembling vocal delivery. The industry certainly took note, and after two extensive tours and a few more years of writing, serpentwithfeet has readied his official debut soil.

The beautifully textured 11-track album features Clams Casino, Boston producer mmph, and Adele-collaborator Paul Epworth, as well as Katie Gately on production, and the beats lean heavily toward the experimental, with sparse rhythms and tense, drama-filled notes setting the mood. It is, however, Wise's wailing vocals that lead the charge, ever so expressive, dynamic and quasi-religious in feel; it's easy to see why Bjork is a fan. Soil is a moist and vibrant body of work that's as much a devotional as it is a conversation about love, intimacy, insecurities, fear, and identity.

Exclusive YELLOW vinyl produced by Secretly Canadian in 2019.

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